It's Just Begun (1972)

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Track Listing:

Side 1 Creation (Prologue)* [Thomas] 1:24 It's Just Begun** [Castor-Pruitt-Thomas] 3:43 Troglodyte (Cave Man)*** [Castor Bunch] 3:36 You Better Be Good (Or the Devil Gon' Getcha)* [Castor-Pruitt-Thomas] 2:56 Psyche*** [Castor Bunch] 4:25 Side 2 L.T.D. (Life, Truth & Deathe)* [Thomas-Knight] 7:20 My Brightest Day* [Castor-Pruitt-Thomas] 4:03 Bad** [Castor-Pruitt-Thomas-Gibson] 3:34 I Promise to Remember** [Castor-Smith] 2:47 Creation (Epilogue)* [Thomas] 1:02


The members of The Jimmy Castor Bunch are as follows: Gerry Thomas: trumpet, piano Doug Gibson: bass Harry Jensen: guitar Lenny Fridie, Jr.: conga drums Jimmy Castor: sax, timbales, vocals All vocals by Jimmy Castor. On Bad and L.T.D., Jimmy is assisted by Doug Gibson. Produced by Castor-Pruitt Productions Recording Engineer: Jim Cotty Special Thanks to Danny Lewittes Designer: Frank Mulver Artist: Corrigan Art Director: Acy Lehman *Arranged by G. Thomas **Arranged by J. Castor and G. Thomas ***Arranged by The Jimmy Castor Bunch


LSP-4640 RCA Victor Side 1 (APRS-5769-4S H) Side 2 (APRS-5770-3S H) 1972, RCA Records, New York, NY. Printed in U.S.A Public performance clearance - BMI Type: Vinyl/LP

Liner Notes:

THE JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH put it all together. JIMMY CASTOR triumphs! From Prologue to Epilogue the power of soul expands the listening horizon to all. 'It's just Begun' captures the "now," explores the futur and revisits the past. the music explodes - vibrates. It is "NOW." The BUNCH will not let you escape. You journey to a state of total exhilaration and exhaustion - using the supplied energy of a volatile CASTOR experience. THE JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH sound did not start here. for him, it began erly during his association with Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers as the kids on the block. They hit over a million hearts with 'I Promise to Remember' (side two; cut two) where reflecting, JIMMY tells it like it is... striaghtforward, to the point, in right-down-front language! The foundation supporting the musical control that is constructed by THE JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH comes from their leader. CASTOR concentrated on music theory and arrangement at a school in the neighborhood where musically gifted youngsters from all over the city of New York came to study. Ever since he began, JIMMY has been putting these valuble experiences to use, Creating a direct line of communication between him and his ever-growing, reacting audienc. I know I miss hearing JIMMY'S legendary call sounding through the halls of my mind: 'Hey Leroy', 'Your Mama's Calling'. But I'm rewarded with an introduction to a very hip stereo listener called a 'Troglodyte (Cave Man)' (side one; cut three) and his wants, needs, deeds - bringing the joy of listening directly to you. The CASTOR experience doesn't stop. Its evolution seizes your head. 'Psyche' (side one; cut five) is a myriad of mood, melody and pure mastery. An experience that takes you where you want to go in the best tradition of JIMMY CASTER'S musical genius! 'L.T.D.' (side two; cut one)('Life, Truth & Death') - dig it. There's a messaage of some GOOD and he's letting us know right now. 'My Brightest Day' (side two; cut two) sums up the situation which confronts THE JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH. They have put it all together. The future indeed does seem bright and right on 'It's Just Begun'. This is your introduction to THE JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH - YOU'RE ON YOUR WAY TO A BRIGHTER DAY. I PROMISE YOU! /Al Roberts, WLIB-FM, New York About the Cover: The illustration depicts Jimmy Castor in a double role: as a Gemini and Cancer personality. Gemini's aspects are described as egocentric, intellectual and airy. Castor's egocentric aspect is affirmed by his unconcealed face; his intellect is sumbolized by the tube running from a fitting on his tempel to a fitting in the musical tree. His mind drives his music. A second tube runs on to a small cluster of clouds hovering near Castor's head, symbolizing his airy and mutavle natur. Castor's Cancer aspects are symbolized on the right by the slum tenement which rises out of wasteland. Castor is directly above a large opening i a wall containing his heart; this serves to stress Cancer's intuitive qualities. Castor's face is partially concealed to correspond to the introverted nature of Cancer personalities. The tube which runs trom his heart is attached to an armored egg; spilling out of the egg are three elements associated with Cancer: the moon, water and food. The prehistoric, "Troglodyte"-like figures are the end products of the intellectual, emotional and astrological input of Castor from above.

Editorial Notes:

Cover: It's a painting with Jimmy Castor in it, very nice. On the album there's a description of the cover (look above). The highlights are "Troglodyte" and the title track. The title track is a funky instrumental jam and 'Troglodyte' has the hilarious cave-man impression from Mr Castor. Unfortunately every track ain't that good. Other Jimmy Cator Bunch albums: Hey Leroy '67
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...He grabed her by the hair You can't do that today, fellas, 'Cause it might come off You have a piece of hair in your hand and she'll be swimming away from you This one women just lied there, wet and frighten, He said: move, move She got up, she was a big women, biiig women Her name was Bertha, Burtha Butt, she's one of the Butt-sisters... - Jimmy Castor, "Troglodyte" Go to the Funky Discography or to the Main Page.

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